IT Staff

  • Tim Goodfellow

    Tim Goodfellow

    Chief Information Officer

Academic Computing

  • Josh Nauman

    Josh Nauman

    Director of Academic Computing

  • Casey Brooks

    Casey Brooks

    Assistant Director of Media Production Services

  • Kandie Comfort

    Kandie Comfort

    Education Technology Specialist

  • Andrew Fleming

    Andrew Fleming

    Computer Support Specialist

  • Spencer Hadduck

    Spencer Hadduck

    Media Production Specialist

  • Jenna Holmes

    Jenna Holmes

    Media Production Specialist

  • Andy Lockhart

    Andy Lockhart

    Assistant Director of Academic Computing, Portland Center

  • Mike Campadore

    Mike Campadore

    Systems Administrator

  • Audrey Paice

    Audrey Paice

    Customer Support Specialist

  • Piper Parks

    Piper Parks

    Service Desk Manager

  • Jim Russell

    Jim Russell

    IT Technology Specialist

Enterprise Software

  • John Shaw

    John Shaw

    Director of Enterprise Software

  • Ryan Backman

    Ryan Backman

    Software Engineer

  • Jeremy Bascom

    Jeremy Bascom

    Applications Analyst

  • Janelle Baugh

    Janelle Baugh

    Business Analyst

  • John Kaye

    John Kaye

    Applications Analyst

  • Joel Kelley

    Joel Kelley

    Software Engineer

  • Brian McLaughlin

    Brian McLaughlin

    Database Administrator

    Programmer Analyst

IT Infrastructure

  • Andy Baker

    Andy Baker

    Director of IT Infrastructure

  • Ethan Moss

    Ethan Moss

    Systems Administrator

  • Josiah Philipsen

    Josiah Philipsen

    Systems Engineer

  • Isaac MacDonald

    Isaac MacDonald

    Admissions Systems Architect

  • Matthew Swanson

    Matthew Swanson

    Network Administrator

  • Ryan Tafflinger

    Ryan Tafflinger

    Systems Engineer

Enterprise Data Science

  • Tyler Susmilch

    Tyler Susmilch

    Director of Enterprise Data Science

  • Kenton Miller

    Kenton Miller

    Data Analyst

  • Brett Papineau

    Brett Papineau

    Programmer Analyst

Hybrid Learning Programs

  • Gloria Doherty

    , MDiv

    Director of Digital Learning

    Newberg and Portland